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basysPrint ScreenSetter X

High quality and productive computer-to-screen imaging

The basysPrint ScreenSetter X has been designed offering the highest quality and flexibility.

  • Various frames can be exposed simultaneously
  • Professional resolution of up to 2400 DPI
  • Highly precise Dynamic Autofocus system.


High quality and productive computer-to-screen imaging

Players in the screen print business today require the correct mix of highest quality and professional productivity to be successful. Certainly when your focus is on the most-demanding screenprinting applications — such as the four-color motive printing of CDs and DVDs, the production of ceramic decals, or high-resolution printed circuits, tubesand cartridges, flat and hollow ware glass, security printing, automotive — the basysPrint ScreenSetter X Computer-to-Screen (CTS) solution meets your highest quality and productivity requirements to directly image your screens.

Direct Digital Screen Imaging is Key

The basysPrint ScreenSetter X eliminates film positives and directly images the screen digitally. It modulates the violet laser light to expose the pre-coated screen only in the areas that need to be hardened. Image the screen, then simply develop as usual.

Overall Workflow Advantages

The positive impact of the basysPrint ScreenSetter X typically reduces the workflow from 13 to 3 steps. In the same time it does away with all the related issues of image distortion, lack of quality, resolution limitations, slow exposure times, managing, transporting, and archiving tons of films, dealing with chemical waste, longer printing press set-up time, and more. You will see improvements in all departments!


Highest Quality

The Digital Light Processing or DLP™ technology of Texas Instruments™ based on its Digital Micro Mirror Device (DMD) is the most sophisticated light switch available. The device contains one million mirrors and controls each of them to either project the bundled violet light onto the screen or divert the light away from the screen. The micro mirrors are square and expose extremely sharp pixels of 10.6 micron. This guarantees that the exact image will be replicated from the original file. Only a basysPrint ScreenSetter X is able to image a 1-bit TIFF, one-to-one on the screen mesh.

Various types and sizes of screen-printing frames can be implemented and exposed at the same time. When using highly precise registration systems, a perfect registration from color to color reduces the set-up time in the printing press to a minimum.

The professional resolution of up to 2400 DPI delivers improvements in tonal range and finer detail than ever before. The key to all this is the extremely focused light path of each pixel and accuracy in image placement that is simply astonishing!

The highly precise Dynamic Autofocus system guarantees a perfect focus depth over the total surface of the screen. The mesh surface is scanned in real-time and optical compensation is applied on the fly when needed.

This unique basysPrint ScreenSetter X autofocus system copes seamlessly with variations as small as one micron. All the optical, electronic, and mechanical systems used in the ScreenSetter X reflect the same high quality level.


Professional Productivity

The direct CTS exposure takes out most of the steps in conventional film-based screen production resulting in an enormous increase in productivity. A highly intuitive, user-friendly graphic user interface brings on simple and precise operation.

Professional remote control and remote service allow flexible supervision based upon the use of the latest user-interface (UI) technology (iPad®, iPhone®, smartphone). Unmatched high-speed exposure increases production capacity, and you can further boost exposure capacity, hence productivity, by adding one or two diode modules each hosting 20 violet diodes. Exposure and perfect hardening of all types of coatings, SbQ, and Diazo based emulsions, indirect films, and PCF, with an EOM higher than 500 microns.

White or yellow polyester, as well as steel meshes can be exposed. Violet laser diode lifetime is very long to protect your investment and deliver productivity with repeatable exposure results, without light fall off as with lamp-based systems. Flexible exposure of any type of flat or rotary screens (Gallus System).

Economic and Competitive

In short, the basysPrint ScreenSetter X provides a dramatic quality improvement, reduces production time, eliminates errors, increases your productivity, and ultimately provides significant competitive and economic benefits.