CTP for digital imaging of offset printing plates

With UV-sensitive conventional plates

Combining productivity and quality when digitally imaging conventional offset printing plates? That is what we designed our BasysPrint computer-to-plate (CtP) UV-Setter for. But: it works with UV-sensitive conventional plates instead of digital CtP plates. You gain all the benefits of CtP and still use the conventional printing plates you know and trust. 

Easy workflow integration, easy entry

You can simply continue to use your inexpensive UV-sensitive plates. That is how easily it's integrated into your existing workflow processes. The result? Easy entry into the digital world of CtP printing.

Without format restriction

You can expose any plate format without restriction: from small to large formats up to 1500 x 2100 mm (61.4" × 82.7") - depending on the model you choose. Our UV-Setter is configurable for almost all printing tasks.

benefits to work with basysPrint

  • low consumables cost
  • conventional printing plates universally available
  • manufacturer-independent choice of conventional printing plates
  • maximum productivity ultimate reproduction quality
  • straightforward workflow integration
  • works under daylight conditions + on a flatbed
  • imaging of most UV materials