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basysPrint UV-Setter Series VLF

Flexible very large format plate production from basysPrint

For VLF production, basysPrint is a professional partner that offers you a truly reliable production solution.

  • 1500 and 2400 DPI
  • Square dot and super cells
  • Sharp plate exposure
  • Smart plate handling


Flexible Very Large Format (VLF) Plate Production

With VLF production at the heart of your operation, you look for a professional partner who offers you a truly reliable production solution. For you, reliability means heavy-duty industrial system design, professional plate handling, and innovative integration into your workflow based upon open standards. Reliability also means professional support: knowledgeable technicians, state-of-the-art remote control, local presence, and appropriate service agreements.

basysPrint, a leading brand name of the Xeikon company, matches your expectations with more than 15 years of pioneering and innovative experience producing UV computer-to-plate UV setters.

As a print shop delivering the finest printed materials to your customers, you expect your VLF production system to reliably meet all your plate-production needs. This might mean very large format plates for your special size sheet-fed or web-fed presses or plates for your 8-up/B1 printing press park.

As a service bureau, you need a plate production system that is flexible enough to handle all your customers’ plate requirements. You need a reliable production solution in terms of plate size, negative or positive plate type, resolution, and run length capabilities. You require a smart design offering the highest mechanical and electronic efficiency.


Technologically Advanced

The square micro mirrors of the unique DMD imaging technology from Texas Instruments® is the heart of basysPrint’s DSI3 exposure system. Together with super cell screening, it projects super sharp dots on the UV plate. The latest DMD design offers over two million reflecting mirrors and larger bandwidth for faster reliable exposure.

The intelligent autofocus solution keeps quality spot on, regardless of plate thickness or undulating plate surfaces while the patented VersaFlex registration system guarantees fast, precise, and consistent plate handling registration, and the smooth DualPlate and QuadroPlate handling assures maximum efficiency.

The brand new and comprehensive Graphical User Interface (GUI) takes the guesswork out of the engine operation, standardizes it, and reduces errors. Including production management and service. Professional remote control allows fast and efficient operation, support and service. Control the engine via its new localized graphical user interface, right from your iPad, smartphone — from anywhere you are.


With support for superb 1485 × 2100 mm (58.4” x 82.7”) VLF, two 8-up, or four 4-up plates, basysPrint has tested and approved more than 60 plate types from 15 suppliers. Choose positive, negative, or even wipe-on plates complemented by a manual system, an engine with automatic unloading to the processor, or a fully automatic loading and unloading solution. You can even store four different plate sizes in the MCA’s automatic loader.

The MCA platform aligns any plate (minimum 605 × 745 mm) once for both punching and exposing to guarantee dependable registration accuracy. The front and back roll-down shutter doors allow fast, easy, and safe access for operation and service.

basysPrint provides an open workflow regardless which RIP, software, or workflow system delivers the industry-standard 1-bit TIFF print file.

basysPrint’s 1500 DPI technology perfectly reproduces high-screen rulings such as 235 LPI in AM or the equivalent in FM or hybrid screening. If you want, you can do it in 2400 DPI, too. Choose lower resolutions such as 1500 DPI for faster imaging, but at any time, gain additional speed by adding light modules — the more you install, the faster the exposure. The lifetime of the DMD exposure unit can be easily extended and violet diode lasers last longer


With an Eye on Ecology

basysPrint UV-Setters are produced using only green power and we employ an ecology-friendly processing chemistry that can be safely poured down the drain — no contamination with heavy metals, silicones, or other hazardous components. Our low energy consumption at just 2.3 kWh compares positively to 8.3 kWh for a thermal system, and our low-chemistry consumption rates at only 20-50 ml per m2. The engine is produced in accordance with the EU RoHS restrictions in terms of using hazardous components such as lead, mercury, chrome VI, cadmium, and the like.

Customers choose basysPrint

With quality a given, customers around the world choose the flexibility of basysPrint VLF UV-Setters. Our flexibility ensures quality, choice, productivity, sustainability, and profitability. The innovative, heavy-duty design is built upon years of pioneering experience in producing successful platemakers for conventional UV plates. Any basysPrint UV-Setter exposing UV-plates is a proven production solution delivering superior advantages.